A company grow and take successful strides towards progress due to quality services and it's latest & better technologies, which is to be incorporate in it's working. As the times are changing new techniques frequently hit the market. If a company does not upgrade itself according to the market it lags behind. We mainly focus on improving the system & it's quality and at present, we are providing 3 main technologies:

  • Clients Side Technology
  • Server Side Technology
  • Database Server


Cascading Style Sheets developed by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is a web language. It is used to add formatting and look of the web document by adding different colors, spacing and fonts to it. It is used to style different markup language documents, prominent languages being the HTML and XHTML. 3 specifications of CSS have been approved by W3C- CSS1, CSS2 and CSS3. CSS3. We use upgraded version of CSS in order to bring style to the websites and other web pages we design.


JAVA Script is a scripting language, enabling programmatic access to the objects in the client's applications. It is primarily used to write functions included or embedded from HTML pages and interrelate with the page's Document Object Model. It maintains the compatibility and security of the pages at the client's end. We incorporate latest upgraded version of JAVA Script.


Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is the chief web pages markup language used for creating structured documents using lists, headings, links, paragraphs, images, etc. It adds interactive value to the pages. Using latest HTML versions enables us to create high quality and attractive web pages.


JAVA is the widely used programming language designed with the look and feel of C++ but is simpler than that. Ideal for use in distributed internet environment, JAVA is used for developing applications that can be run easily on a single computer or can also be distributed among the clients and servers on a network. Our company uses JAVA for developing application modules and applets, which are used as a part of a webpage or website for making it interactive.

WEB 2.0

It is the term connected to web applications that smoothens the progress of interoperability, interactive information sharing, user-centered design and association on the www. Web-based communities, video-sharing sites, hosted services, blogs, social-networking sites, etc. are the marked examples of Web 2.0. We prominently use Web 2.0 to design sites that facilitates the Internet users to alter content of the website and interact with people online.


Hypertext Preprocessor is a commonly used scripting language, ideal for web development.

1. Creating dynamic content 2. Command-line scripting 3. GUI applications at the client's side.

PHP works like a filter taking data from the text file and delivering output as HTML coding. Our professionals make use of PHP technology in order to develop better sites.


MySQL is an open source relational database management system based on SQL. It is used extensively in website designing for adding, modifying and removing information from the database. Although, MySQL can be used for variety of applications but we use it prominently on web servers. We also use MySQL for making dynamic web pages, which are helpful in accessing information from a database.


Active Server Pages is the first server-side script engine developed by Microsoft for dynamic web pages. Using ASP and we can easily combine script commands, COM components and HTML pages. Our dedicated web developers make proper use of ASP to create powerful and interactive web pages and applications.


Thus with the support of the aforementioned techniques, our company is consistently progressing. Our trained professionals are well-versed with all the above mentioned techniques and judicially incorporate them in our workings. We never hesitate from trying out new and advanced techniques that will ease our work and help in developing high quality sites.

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Some of the Technologies Used by Us

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